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Parts for Consignment Program

Details of ArmoryPaintball's Parts for Consignment Program:

  1. Have unwanted or extra new and/or used spare parts lying around?
  2. Instead of having to go through all the trouble of taking pictures of the parts, listing them for sale, negotiating on forums, etc... only to have the deal fall through... said member of the paintball community simply ships all of their parts to ArmoryPaintball.
  3. ArmoryPaintball receives the parts, goes through them and lists them for sale on This service includes all the necessary testing of parts, photo work, detailing and listing work, shipping work and finding of a buyer.
  4. You can choose to receive 80% cash or 90% store credit of the purchase price your parts sold for.


In short, ArmoryPaintball does all of your work for you before and after the sale of your parts! 

Additional info:

  • To keep this program as friction-less as possible, you are welcome to send us your parts at any time so long as we receive an email with a detailed list of what you're sending us before it arrives at our facility. This means you don't necessarily have to contact us first before shipping, merely just let us know what you're shipping. Our address is located on the ArmoryPaintball Facebook Page (which you should like btw) 
  • If you'd like to clarify beforehand what prices to expect your items to be listed at (either there are no comparables listed on our site or you want to make sure) feel free to first send us an email at
  • Both new and use parts are eligible for this service.
  • Used markers are also available for this service, but are eligible at more beneficial 90% cash or 95% store credit.
  • eBay Valet's fee structure would give you 60% cash under $50, 70% cash between $70-200, and 80% cash above $200. ArmoryPaintball has these rates beat and the fees stay within the paintball community! 
  • If your parts do not sell by the end of the first month on our site, ArmoryPaintball will offer to ship them back to you for free or you can keep them up for sale on our site. Within the first month, the consignee pays shipping.
  • If you find a buyer and sell a part on a forum while it is listed for sale via consignment on, we will offer to ship it to the buyer for you so long as you pay for the actual shipping cost.
  • Consignee can opt to pay for shipping insurance should they so choose to. Otherwise ArmoryPaintball will not be liable for postal carrier's mistakes.
  • When using this program, ArmoryPaintball will tag each of your items on our back end with a unique SKU code (your name + product number) to keep track of who owns what. Whenever an item of yours sells you will be notified via email.
  • Payment/addition of store credit to your account can be done anytime starting one week after the item is delivered to its buyer (to assure customer satisfaction). Absolutely no minimums or maximums.


Thank you and please direct any questions to